Gov. Polis Announces New Mask Guidelines

On Friday, May 14th, Governor Jared Polis shared Colorado’s new mask guidelines, following the most recent announcement from the CDC.

“If you have been fully vaccinated, the pandemic is largely over for you, and you can now resume your activities without a mask,” said Governor Jared Polis. “This is the day we have been waiting for. If you haven’t yet been vaccinated, you should continue to wear a mask in public indoor spaces. I hope the fun of an unmasked future incentivizes those who have yet to get the vaccine to do so.”

The new Executive Order encourages individuals aged 11 and older, who are not fully vaccinated, to continue wearing a mask indoors where members of different households are present. Fully vaccinated individuals can go without masks in almost all settings.  For more information, please view the FAQ document here.