Intellectual Property Law

For an increasing number of companies, Intellectual Property has become their most valuable asset.  We're here to protect and maximize the value of this complex and fluid resource.

The legal issues surrounding IP are moving targets; rapidly changing technology challenges the law in a race to keep pace.  We're front runners in this complex legal arena, with skilled representation in these areas:

Valuation.  We help businesses understand the value of their IP assets, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trades secrets, technology and celebrity rights.  We assure maximization of value through licensing arrangements, assignments sales and securities transactions.

Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation.  When a dispute situation arises, we work first to develop out-of-court dispute resolutions that protect a client's rights and assets.  Should a situation demand litigation, skilled litigators are prepared to battle the case at arbitration or state and federal court trial.

Licensing and Leveraging.  We develop, negotiate and execute the most advantageous license agreements that protect and maximize the value of IP assets.

Sales and Bankruptcy Transactions.  We provide guidance to the best possible avenues for valuation, marketing and sale of IP assets, whether through direct sale or  a court approved bankruptcy disposition.

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